Cash Exchange Rates
Currency Code Buy Sell Time
US Dollar USD 43900 43950 Jan 17th, 01:26
Euro EUR 54950 55150 Jan 17th, 01:26
Swiss Franc CHF 46350 46850 Jan 17th, 01:25
Transfer Exchange Rates
Currency Code Buy Sell Time
US Dollar USD 44430 44930 Jan 17th, 01:28
Euro EUR 54800 55100 Jan 17th, 01:27
Swiss Franc CHF 46550 47150 Jan 17th, 01:27

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ePay available in over multiple cardholder currencies to customers paying with their Mastercard, Visa or JCB cards and Lichtenstein payment network our special difference is we can support multiple international currencies.
EPI Solutions's suite of Multi-Currency Payment solutions lets merchants offer their international customers — at the point of sale or online — the ability to pay in the currency they know best – their own.
Available for retail, restaurant, hospitality and e-Commerce environments, our multi-currency payment solutions help merchants offer enhanced customer service, and attract more international customers. Merchants continue to enjoy online reporting and receive funding in their own currency. Our multi-currency processing solutions are designed for a variety of payment environments, from customer-facing terminals to fully integrated front-desk systems online. Plus, our sophisticated online reporting enables business views across any cross-section of properties on a country, regional or pan-regional basis, in any currency.


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